Meet Our Artists

JoLene Danielson | Watercolor Artist | Paintdrops, art

JoLene Danielson

Portland rooted watercolor artist and accountant at a nonprofit for low income housing called Bridge Housing who has a passion to help homeless people and travel. She has traveled to all 7 continents (North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe) and is the creator of Paintdrops, art. Her dream is to help small businesses and run her own business of helping homeless people become artists to get out of poverty.

Learn more about JoLene at her website


Kelly Waltz

Kelly Waltz | Color Pencil Artist

Kelly Waltz is a colored pencil and charcoal artist who created the Color Tree artwork. From Denver, Colorado, he's witnessed multiple tornadoes touch the ground and has worked in construction to fix the chaos made by the natural disasters. Although he's a hard worker and has had many work experiences, he suffered an injury while being a fisherman in Alaska where he along with his coworker, who was also a good friend was hit by a boat. Unfortunately, he witnessed his friend die and Kelly made it out with a broken shoulder. He currently lives in Walla Walla in a homeless camp where he's made friends. His grandpa, who supposedly lived to 114 years old, is his inspiration. "That old man didn't quit working, not until he died, if he would've earlier, it would've killed him," he said explaining his grandpa died while driving his tractor on his own farm.