Creating Opportunities | Sina Hajhassan

A communications student at UC San Diego from the Bay Area, Sina Hajhassan, aims to help the homeless through storytelling.


“There are many different ways to help the homeless. The approach I have been taking is storytelling to shift the negative perspective most people have about these people to a more positive view. For me, I am constantly wondering where my efforts will lead to in terms of helping these people. With this approach I started taking, once people see the homeless as peers, they will be more apt to help them get to a better place. This is my hope.

Growing up, I have always taken an interest in people, strangers in particular. I would start conversations and connect with adults. My passion to help homeless people stems from that curiosity about strangers and wanting to be familiar with them so that they are not so ‘strange’ anymore. I think the homeless population deserves support and respect because they are human. Today, I am studying communication at UC San Diego. I hope the ideas I learn in university will help me frame my ideas to spread words of truth and optimism for homeless folk.

I want people to know that the homeless community has more than one or two narratives. Homeless folk, like other folk in our society, are multifaceted and need something slightly different to get back into our society. In one of my communication courses about youth media and democracy, my professor asked the class to create a manifestation project that would make some sort of change in society that we cared about. That is when I created Humanize The Homeless. For my project, I created an Instagram page where I share insightful posts and interviews I have conducted with the local homeless community. This is something I am slowly continuing to work on while I am a full time student.”

Check out some of the stories Sina has collected on his foundation’s Instagram page: @humanize_the_homeless
Feel free to DM or use the email on the Instagram page to connect and share ideas, collaborate on assistance programs or anything else!

Thank you Sina @houseoftrends for all of the work you do to make the world a better place!


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