Creating Opportunities | Robert McCaig

Man from Scotland describes his dreams of making the world a better place through helping the local homeless community through art.

My names Robert McCaig (@homelessartscotland Homeless Art Scotland) I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm 31 years old and I started Homeless Art Scotland as a way to raise money for a homeless shelter which runs all year round. 90% of the shelters are only open in the winter months, even in the spring and the summer the climate here can be absolutely freezing. The whole concept behind the idea is when every person buys a piece of artwork they will also receive their name on a brick to build a shelter, showing that it was the kindness of the people who managed to build the shelter. I want people to know that you don’t need millions of pounds or dollars to achieve something grand. With hard work, dedication and being patience and resourcefulness anyone can achieve something grand as long as they are willing to lay the groundwork and go through the process.

My passion is mainly helping people I've always had a real calling to Africa and would love to go over there to help one day. Seeing the homeless situation in Scotland seeing friends and ordinary people who have fallen on hard times struggle in the streets and with the amount of wealth that is in the system there’s no reason for it, so by bringing awareness to people I'm sure over time it will get much better. If there are people who are willing to spend 50 million dollars on a yacht then I'm sure there are people who are willing to spend the same to transform the lives of thousands, it's just about bringing the subject into discussion and making it a priority within our culture. The pyramid is more of a symbolic thing to represent as a marker for the deeds of the men and women who have made it a possibility. I want to create something that will inspire and motivate people to realise with an idea and enough will power anything is possible.

Thank you @homelessartscotland for all that you do & for helping the homeless🙌🏻can’t wait to see what you build in the future.

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