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Man Helps Rescue Homeless Man from Drowning in Fort Myers:

Mackenson Timothee (@mack10v5d Mackenson Timothee) describes his story.
Before, I encountered the homeless gentleman in danger; I was walking downtown Fort Myers just having a cigar. You know it was Memorial Day, I was simply trying to relax, and the day prior I went to the memorial gardens down here and paid my respects to our fallen heroes and veterans. So I’m walking their minding my own business and I overhear a couple shouts coming from the river dock and I look over and it’s two people in the water and there’s one guy I recognize before but I don’t know if homeless or not but then I just hear someone say they need help, they need help, they need help, and I’m like looking around but no one‘s really doing anything. At that time I had a cigar in my hand, my phone and my wallet. I was like shoot, I’m not the best swimmer, but they needed help. Instinct took over, I took off my shoes and dove in the water.

I slowly made my way to them, they were about 8 or 9 feet away as I approached the gentleman who 1st dove in to help keep the guy afloat he was running out of energy. I knew it was time-critical. I rushed over and grabbed him, as we were making our way back to the dock he kept on bobbing in and out the water, you know he’s a bit heavier than both of us, so we were trying to keep him afloat. As were just about to get the dock these cops pull up and are just kinda staring at us. I hop on the dock and I yell we need help, so that’s when they helped us pull the homeless gentleman out of the water.

No CPR was performed the officers seemed a bit more aggravated at the homeless gentleman falling in the water than actually trying to help him. They eventually got the water out of him by turning him on his side. I don’t know if they called the ambulance but they were escorted away and then the officers simply commended me and the other swimmer who helped and got back on their boat and left.

As far as what I learned from the incident; it is simply if that was me in the situation, I’d like to be helped as well, regardless if I had a home or not. I told a few people about what occurred and some were like you could have hurt yourself or drowned and that I should of let the homeless gentleman drown. Which in that case would have been messed up, especially if I was able to do something about it. I simply learned to try to treat others how I myself would like to be treated. 

Thank you, Mackenson Timothee, for helping rescue the homeless man! Every life is incredibly valuable🙌🏻

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