Creating Opportunities | JoLene's Birthday Celebration

Hi, my name is JoLene I am an accountant BRIDGE Housing & I manage this homelessness awareness blog (and I've created a lot of the artwork on this website!). November 13 was my birthday (& my dad’s, & his twin!) and I celebrated by having a pizza & cake party at the homeless shelter I volunteer at Transition Projects, Inc. Clark Center. I was able to organize my friends and family to meet at the shelter and take 30 pizzas, 2 Costco cakes and 8 gallons of apple juice. Our group of 9 was able to feed around 100 individuals. We all had so much fun! One guy loves to share Bible jokes, another has an incredible depth of knowledge in many vast subjects. They were all so incredibly appreciative of the food and even more so of the company. We all ate together, and one man said, ‘It's really nice talking with normal people,’ I joked back, ‘Wait, you think we're normal? Just wait till you get to know us better!’ We all had a good laugh. My friend enjoyed it so much, we're planning to throw a lasagna party for his birthday in December. I deeply enjoyed having conversations with the men at the shelter & laughing a lot together. The appreciation from the men was so heartwarming, they were so grateful to have a good meal to eat with nice people. I know that they enjoyed our random conversations about life, Krav Maga, Zumba & food from El Salvador just as much as we did. Thank you to everyone for being in my life & for making my birthday full of joy.

Looking forward to what God has in store for me this next year (Will probably be celebrating at the Clark Center again!).



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