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Debra Wright is an artist, activist and author residing in Northern Virginia. 
With the assistance of a group of great volunteers, she is creating quick quilts that will be distributed to the homeless and others in need in the Washington metropolitan area. Together, they are Quilting a Revolution.


The fabric was graciously donated by artist Amanda Browder and Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia which will create at least 50 handmade quilts for people unable to obtain emergency hypothermia services this winter in and around the US Capital.

I’ve received quite a bit of criticism over the years for creating handmade goods for the homeless. I’ve been told it is a time, energy and resources to make something that will get dirty, misplaced and ultimately thrown away. But, in our disposable society, who do we deem worthy to receive such a special gift? I believe that everyone deserves to have something special made just for them, regardless of whether or not they have a fixed address. We are all equal in my mind, and we are not separate in my heart.

I grew up in a highly dysfunctional household, enduring a multitude of physical and emotional traumas beginning in infancy. By the time I was old enough to drive, I was drug and alcohol dependent and battling an eating disorder. Serving others is what saved me. I’m not sure what the magic was, but it brought light into my darkness. I came to realize it was the reason I was here. While I hope it makes a difference in the lives of others, I know that it most certainly has transformed mine.

I met an amazing woman named Maria while serving in Washington, D.C. She had joined us to share a meal and we ended up talking for close to an hour. We chatted about home remedies, cuisine, fashion, you name it. She had a brilliant smile, amazing blue eyes, and a bright, remarkable spirit. As she and her companion were preparing to leave, Maria turned to me and said, “You know Debby, I’ve had such a lovely time talking to you that I totally forgot I was homeless.” I smiled, gave her a big hug and reminded her she was a piece of God.

Thank you @debrawrightstudio for sharing your story & helping the homeless!

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