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A businesswoman from Cleveland, Ohio sells hand-poured candles, homemade lip balm, and sweatshirts that help her local homeless shelter.


Grace Bitzer lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Her brand sells hand-poured candles, homemade lip balm, and Sweatshirts. With every purchase, 10% of her proceeds go towards supporting individuals suffering homelessness at The City Mission which is a homeless shelter in Cleveland.

Her passion for wanting to help the homeless came from a mission trip where she went on to Skid Row in Los Angeles. It completely changed her life and perspective on everything. She realized that there was no difference between herself and someone living on the streets except their addresses.

She wishes people actually knew what homelessness was, not just what the news stories choose to show. Every individual in homelessness has a story that is worth hearing. She explains, “Each person comes from a different background, just because someone has less than you doesn’t make them less of a person! We have to love everyone no matter what.”


“One of my favorite times serving in Skid Row...I was serving in the kitchen when one of the team leaders came to get me because one of my friends I had met the previous day wanted to talk to me. When we went into the day room at the shelter, she was very upset because of what others were saying about her. I told her we can’t always control what others think of us and that’s okay! Sometimes we just have to Shake it off. So we sang Taylor Swift's song “Shake it off” while dancing together. It was so special to me


Thank you Grace for being such an angel and helping those on the streets!


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