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Stanley, a man from Boca Raton, Florida, helps his local homeless community by giving supplies to those living on the streets. He goes by StanTheHelper on Instagram and has a YouTube channel full of videos of giving necessities to the homeless living on the streets while also sharing the stories of those who are oftentimes ignored. He hands out care packages that include food, water, toiletries, hand wipes and sanitizer as well as clothing. Not only does he help those on the streets with their needs, he connects with them asking about their situation and what caused them to be homeless. He shares the stories of those on the streets on his YouTube channel to create awareness in hopes that people can relate to them and help out, too.

His passion for helping those on the streets comes from wanting to see others smile. He realizes that a lot of them have had awful moments in life and wants to instill hope that they can get through another day and that the future can be bright. Stan dreams of creating a shelter so that people don’t have to live on the streets.

Stan explains, “I've heard a couple people calling the homeless bums or scammers.  I just wanted to say that I believe that not all of them are scammers and none of them are bums . They just need the opportunity to get their life together. Most of the homeless people I've talked to really do have kind hearts they're not bad people.  I wish people would stop calling them awful names and look down on them but instead help them out more.”

Feel free to check out more of what Stan does at @StanTheHelper


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