Creating Opportunities | Homeless Helper's

  • Creating Opportunites | Stanley

    Stanley, a man from Boca Raton, Florida, helps his local homeless community by giving supplies to those living on the streets. He goes by StanTheHelper on Instagram and has a YouTube channel full of videos of giving necessities to the homeless living on the streets while also sharing the stories of those who are oftentimes ignored.
  • Creating Opportunities | Sina Hajhassan

    A communications student at UC San Diego from the Bay Area, Sina Hajhassan, aims to help the homeless through storytelling.
  • Creating Opportunities | JoLene's Birthday Celebration

    Hi, my name is JoLene I am an accountant BRIDGE Housing & I manage this homelessness awareness blog (and I've created a lot of the artwork on ...
  • Creating Opportunities | Bitz of Grace

    A businesswoman from Cleveland, Ohio sells hand-poured candles, homemade lip balm, and sweatshirts that help her local homeless shelter.
  • Creating Opportunities | Renan Seixas

    Renan Seixas is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter from Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil who delivers care packages to the people living on the streets in Sao Paulo.
  • Creating Opportunities | Troy Wallace

    Troy Wallace, a pastor in Oregon shares his passion for the homeless and how one class at Walla Walla University pushed him to explore and help the lives of those living on the streets.
  • Creating Opportunities | Bonnie Alexander

    The story of an incredible Adventist woman who has served the homeless community for over ten years and helped in remote villages of Uganda told from the perspective of JoLene Danielson.
  • Creating Opportunities | A Young Woman Describes Her Experience of Homelessness

    A young woman describes her past hardships experiencing homelessness on her way to California with her boyfriend. She currently lives in a hotel with her current loving and supportive boyfriend.
  • Creating Opportunities | Robert McCaig

    Man from Scotland describes his dreams of making the world a better place through helping the local homeless community through art.
  • Creating Opportunities | Kindness is the best policy

    Yesterday I walked into a Starbucks for a snack because my small salad for lunch wasn’t keeping me full. After taking a seat for a moment to enjoy ...
  • Creating Opportunities | Debra Wright

    Debra Wright is an artist, activist and author residing in Northern Virginia. 
    With the assistance of a group of great volunteers, she is creating quick quilts that will be distributed to the homeless and others in need in the Washington metropolitan area. Together, they are Quilting a Revolution.
  • Creating Opportunities | Mackenson Timothee

    Man Helps Rescue Homeless Man from Drowning in Fort Myers